How do I reserve a pair?

Once you select a style and color for your Membership, that pair is officially reserved for you! To do that, head to your account and select "Manage Your Pair" to pick your pair for the month!




Don’t let our cheekiest in-demand prints disappear before we have a chance to send you one! If you see something you've got to have, reserve it right away.

To reserve a pair, log in to your MeUndies account and choose the Manage Your Pair button. On the next page, you'll see an option to pick from several designs.


Once you've made your choice, tap Save Changes to return to a summary of your upcoming order. 

At this point, you're all set to receive your monthly shipment. However, after your choice is made you will now have the additional option to Send It Now. Choose this option only if you'd prefer your order to be processed now instead of your typical shipping date. Please note: You can only use Send It Now if there's already a reserved print or color, otherwise, the option will be grayed out. Also, selecting Send It Now will reset your shipping date moving forward to today's date (unless it falls between the 29th to 31st in which your new ship date will be the 1st of each month). 


Can't wait till next month? No problem! You are free to use Send It Now as many times as you'd like to keep the undies coming.