How does your referral program work?

For every friend you give your referral code to, you get $20 in store credit once they place their first order! Share the love!




Glad you asked! Referrals play a huge part in growing our MeUndies fam so we made our referral program super easy! For every successful referral, you get $20.00 store credit and your friend gets 20% discount on their first purchase*. Totally a win-win, right?

Qualifying Referrals:

You can earn $20.00 store credit for every successful referral if:

  1. You have an active MeUndies account with at least 1 purchase.
  2. The referred friend must be a new customer and doesn't have an existing MeUndies account.
  3. The referred friend must place their first purchase worth at least $12.00 through your referral link.
  4. Your account and your friend's account must not have similar info such as name, address, payment info, etc.

*Excludes packs and gift card purchases.

For the full details of our referral terms and conditions, click this link: Referral Terms