How do you pick what you send to me?

Our magic algorithm looks at purchase history, previous behavior, popularity, and stock to make sure it give you the perfect pair! But remember, you are always able to pre-select your pair.



It starts with the plan you select: Classic, Bold, or Adventurous. Based on that, we carefully select what to send you out of all our newest releases—and since we’re putting out more prints and colors than ever before, we have a lot of options. We’ll pick the pair we think you’ll swoon for based on an algorithm that considers the following:

  1. Matching - If you have multiple membership pairs, the system will always try to pick a print/color that is available in all pairs first. Then, it reserves that print to all membership pairs. 
  2. Behavior - The system will review your past purchases to see what you already have and avoid sending you a duplicate. If your membership is for the Classic colors, our system will find the color that was purchased least.
  3. Skip/Swap - The system will remove any prints/colors that you had previously skipped or swapped. Basically, it remembers what you dislike and avoids sending it to you!
  4. Popularity - The system will try to assign you the most popular print from our newest releases.
  5. Stock - Lastly, the system will check the availability of the print/color and will choose the item with the most amount of available stock. 

If you don’t want to get the same print for multiple pairs or if you don’t like our pick, you can always choose to Swap a Pair or Reserve a Pair anytime before your membership date.