Can I skip or freeze my Membership for a month?

For sure! Simply go to your Account Page and select "Manage Your Pair" for the item you would like to skip. In the upper right-hand corner, there is a drop-down that will allow you to select "Skip this Month". Once your next Membership date has passed, it will automatically reactivate.





 If you’d like to skip a month, log in to your MeUndies account and follow these steps:

  1. On the Account page, click the Manage Your Pair button. This will display the “Edit Your Pair” page.
  2. On the upper right, click on the “Order Settings” option. 
  3. Select “Skip This Month” from the dropdown menu and you’re all set! Your Account page will reflect the changes and show your next Membership date.



What if I want to skip for more than 1 month?

Rather than skipping a month, you can pause your membership for three months instead! Check this link to learn how: How do I put my membership on hold? 


Note: You can skip your membership anytime before your membership date. We’ll also send you a reminder email 3 days prior to your membership date so you can still make changes before we ship the order out.