How do I cancel The Membership?

To cancel your Membership, simply visit your Account Page and select "Manage Your Pair" on the Membership you would like to cancel. You will see a drop-down on the right-hand side where you will see an "End Membership" option. (please don't leave us).






If you'd like to cancel The Membership, please log in to your MeUndies account. 

  1. On the Account page, choose Manage Your Pair. (If canceling membership for more than one item, please repeat these steps for each pair in your Membership).
  2. This brings up options to edit this pair, but if you select  Order Settings in the top right-hand corner, it will reveal more options: select End Membership or Remove from Membership (if you have more than 1 pair).
  3. You have the option to select the reason for leaving, answer a survey of how likely you are to return, and if there's anything that you'd like to share about your experience with MeUndies.
  4. Lastly, click the Remove this pair from my Membership button.


That's it! Once you've filled out everything, your Membership will end and our products will go back to being listed at full price. You're free to sign up again, however, if you'd like to unlock special Membership pricing at any point in the future.

There is no email confirmation for the cancellation, but you can confirm there will not be a future shipment by viewing your MeUndies account. Remember that if you have more than one monthly pair of Membership, you must repeat the process for each one individually. Once completed, the Membership page will no longer show a monthly order scheduled.