Can I gift The Membership to someone?

Yes! Depending on how you'd like to give the gift of MeUndies, there are two options available. You can create an account for them, and set up your card as the payment, or you can purchase a gift card for the length of time you want to give them a monthly pair.






You can set up an active membership on their behalf. Create an account, set your preferred payment method, and then set the shipping to their name and address. You can control what they receive or pass over the account details to them so they can keep choosing each month. When the gifting period is over, you can either log in to cancel or contact CheekSquad if you've already handed over controls and we can cancel for you. 

  1. You may purchase a MeUndies gift card which is redeemable for store credits. The recipient can then start a membership on their own, which will use up all available store credits first before charging their own payment method.