Can I customize a pack?

Absolutely! We offer different types of packs including Preset Packs, All-Black Packs, Limited Edition Packs, and Mystery Packs. But you can also find a "Build a Pack" option in our packs section to create a pack that is all yours!


                                                                                                                                                            However, you can also create your own pack with our Build-A-Pack. It’s super easy! Just pick a style, size, quantity, and start building your pack by adding a mix of colors or prints! Once you’re done, you can review your pack and add it to your bag to checkout.


Build-A-Pack is available for:

  • Core undies
  • FeelFree undies
  • Breathe undies
  • Core socks
  • Breathe socks

To view all our available packs, head to the Men's Pack or Women's Pack pages.