What is the MeUndies Mystery pack?

Not picky about which prints or colors you'll receive? If so, then this is the pack for you! Our Mystery Packs feature some of our older colors and prints - basically whatever undies we made too many of. This pack offers the best value on our website in exchange for not knowing what you'll get, but keep in mind that this pack is Final Sale. 





Return Policy: Please note that Mystery Packs are non-refundable. Still, we don't want you getting stuck with a pack that doesn't fit so we got your first pair covered! Go ahead and try 1 pair from the pack first to see if it works and if not, we're happy to exchange the rest for a different Mystery Pack in another size or style. Just make sure the remaining items are in their original condition as outlined in our return policy

If you'd rather choose from our latest colors and prints check out our Build-a-Pack feature to pick out exactly what you'll receive.