What if I don't want to wait till my next scheduled Membership ship date?

If you want to keep your shipping date, but get an order sooner, you can place a one-off order and get utilize your Membership discount. However, if you just want your Membership item earlier, head to your Membership page, and select Ship It Now. This will send your Membership order and update your shipping date.         



1) To keep your usual shipping date, but get the items you're looking for right away, place a regular one-off order outside of your monthly shipment. As a member, you will always get special pricing on everything we make regardless of how you order it. Just shop like normal and as long as you're logged in as a member, you will see the membership pricing before you check out. This also gives you a chance to select one or two-day shipping.

2) The next way is through our Send it Now feature on your MeUndies Account Page:send_it_now.gif

Once a reservation has been made for all items that ship monthly, you will see this option available. Select it if you'd prefer your order to be processed now instead of your typical shipping date. Please note: selecting Send It Now will also reset your shipping date moving forward to today's date (unless it falls between the 29th to 31st in which your new ship date will be the 1st of each month).

Can't wait till next month? No problem! You are free to use Send It Now as many times as you'd like to keep the undies coming. 

3) The last way is to submit a request to our CheekSquad from your preferred method below. We'll be happy to update your usual shipping date to any day you wish between the 1st and the 28th of each month.