What’s the difference between Core, FeelFree, FeelFree Lace, and Breathe?

Core = Classic Modal with a black waistband. FeelFree = Classic Modal without a black waistband. FeelFree Lace is our Feelfree with lace along the waistband. Breathe is a moisture-wicking fabric designed for light movement.






Our Core undies are made of MicroModal with black elastic on the waistband.

The FeelFree collection is just like our core undies, but without the signature black elastic. After getting tons of feedback from customers, we learned that a lot of people want the option of a waistband that’s not as rigid (and black).

On the other hand, the FeelFree Lace collection is just like the FeelFree collection but in different silhouettes and has a delicate lace waistband.

Whereas, the Breathe collection is an all-new fabric line that uses nylon and spandex instead of MicroModal.