Why Are We Increasing Pricing?

Ten years ago we launched to deliver the world's most comfortable underwear at the best price possible. After a full decade of delivering on this promise without changing our prices, we have decided to increase the price of our products by $2 and begin charging $4.95 for domestic shipping on non-membership orders below $50 (pre-tax).

We held out as long as we could. But a handful of circumstances have left us little choice. In the spirit of full transparency, here are the three biggest circumstances that led us to this decision: 

  • The price of our amazing fabrics has gone up. 
  • The cost of shipping has increased. 
  • Labor costs have increased across the board to support fair living wages for our support staff and team. 

We have zero interest in compromising the quality of our product, therefore, beginning March 18th,  we made the tough choice to increase prices across various styles by $2 and charge $4.95 for domestic shipping on non-membership orders less than $50 (pre-tax)

If you're a domestic member, you will still enjoy free shipping, Member savings on everything we make, early access on popular prints, and Member-only promos. 

And if needed, click here to access your account page to change or cancel your Membership. Just click 'Manage Your Pair,' then 'Order Settings,' and then 'End Membership.' 

Below is a list of all products impacted by the pricing change for members and non-members: