• How do I cancel The Membership?

    To cancel your Membership, simply visit your Account Page and select "Manage Your Pair" on the Membership you would like to cancel. You will see a drop-down on the right-hand side where you will see an "End Membership" option. (please don't leave us).






    If you'd like to cancel The Membership, please log in to your MeUndies account. 

    1. On the Account page, choose Manage Your Pair. (If canceling membership for more than one item, please repeat these steps for each pair in your Membership).
    2. This brings up options to edit this pair, but if you select  Order Settings in the top right-hand corner, it will reveal more options: select End Membership or Remove from Membership (if you have more than 1 pair).
    3. You have the option to select the reason for leaving, answer a survey of how likely you are to return, and if there's anything that you'd like to share about your experience with MeUndies.
    4. Lastly, click the Remove this pair from my Membership button.


    That's it! Once you've filled out everything, your Membership will end and our products will go back to being listed at full price. You're free to sign up again, however, if you'd like to unlock special Membership pricing at any point in the future.

    There is no email confirmation for the cancellation, but you can confirm there will not be a future shipment by viewing your MeUndies account. Remember that if you have more than one monthly pair of Membership, you must repeat the process for each one individually. Once completed, the Membership page will no longer show a monthly order scheduled.


  • Can I add lounge pants or other apparel to The Membership?

    While undies and socks are the only items that ship on a monthly basis, The Membership offers special Member Pricing on everything we make. Go ahead and place a regular order outside of your monthly shipment for a bralette or any other item. If you're logged in as a Member, you'll automatically see the Member Price before you check out.






    Additionally, on your account page, there are also one-time add-on items suggested below your membership controls:


    Please note: Selection is limited for add-on items to a set selection of our best sellers. If you're looking for a product or color not available on your membership page, feel free to place a regular order outside of your monthly shipment. Members get Member Pricing on everything we make both on monthly shipments and regular one-off orders!

    You can also add items to your cart from the product page directly. Just go to the item that you want to add, then choose whether you want to add it to today's order or to this month's order.


    If the item you want to add is not available, reach out to CheekSquad and we'd be happy to help!

  • Can I add more than one item to The Membership?

    Absolutely! You can add another monthly shipment of undies, socks, or bralette to your Membership! Simply visit your account, and select "Add a Monthly Pair" to select your new monthly item!



    Not into the whole matching thing? No problem! Just log in to your account and swap for another pair at least a day before your membership date.

    To add another recurring item to your monthly shipment, head to your Account page and tap Add A Monthly Pair. Select your preferred pair, review the details, and click the big purple Add to Monthly Order button to save the changes.


    You can also add one-time add-on items to your current membership order before it’s processed. Check this link to learn how: Can I add lounge pants or other apparel to The Membership?

  • Can I gift The Membership to someone?

    Yes! Depending on how you'd like to give the gift of MeUndies, there are two options available. You can create an account for them, and set up your card as the payment, or you can purchase a gift card for the length of time you want to give them a monthly pair.






    You can set up an active membership on their behalf. Create an account, set your preferred payment method, and then set the shipping to their name and address. You can control what they receive or pass over the account details to them so they can keep choosing each month. When the gifting period is over, you can either log in to cancel or contact CheekSquad if you've already handed over controls and we can cancel for you. 

    1. You may purchase a MeUndies gift card which is redeemable for store credits. The recipient can then start a membership on their own, which will use up all available store credits first before charging their own payment method.


  • Can I skip or freeze my Membership for a month?

    For sure! Simply go to your Account Page and select "Manage Your Pair" for the item you would like to skip. In the upper right-hand corner, there is a drop-down that will allow you to select "Skip this Month". Once your next Membership date has passed, it will automatically reactivate.





     If you’d like to skip a month, log in to your MeUndies account and follow these steps:

    1. On the Account page, click the Manage Your Pair button. This will display the “Edit Your Pair” page.
    2. On the upper right, click on the “Order Settings” option. 
    3. Select “Skip This Month” from the dropdown menu and you’re all set! Your Account page will reflect the changes and show your next Membership date.



    What if I want to skip for more than 1 month?

    Rather than skipping a month, you can pause your membership for three months instead! Check this link to learn how: How do I put my membership on hold? 


    Note: You can skip your membership anytime before your membership date. We’ll also send you a reminder email 3 days prior to your membership date so you can still make changes before we ship the order out.

  • How do I put my membership on hold?


    To put your Membership on hold, head to your Account page and click the Manage Your Pair button, and select Edit Your Pair. You will see a drop down under Order Settings and select Skip this Month. If you would like to pause, longer than a month, please contact the Cheeksquad.    


    To pause your membership or put it on hold, follow these steps:

    1. Head to your Account page and click the Manage Your Pair button. This will display the “Edit Your Pair” page.
    2. On the upper right, click on the “Order Settings” option. 
    3. Select “End Membership” from the dropdown menu.
    4. After you select a reason for leaving, you’ll see a pop-up option to pause your membership for 3 months.
    5. Click the “Pause your membership” button and you’re done! Your shipping date has now changed.


    You can always update your membership during that three-month pause period* (as well as retain your membership pricing on everything we make), but even good things can use a brief break sometimes.

    *If you are looking to skip your membership for longer than a month, feel free to reach out to the CheekSquad so we can help out!


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